• TDOC Mobile Center on the Move

    In 2017, our mobile digital opportunity center keeps touring around the remote area of Yangon Region for bridging the digital divides.

  • TDOC’s Continuous Support

    Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a metropolis boasts of rich cultural heritage and thriving economic activities. But just like any other modern cities, there are many people who live in poverty.

  • 2017 Taiwan and Myanmar's ICT Conference

    Smart ICT for Myanmar Growth Challenge


    2017 E-Commerce Workshop

  • International Volunteer Fair

    It has been 7 years since the TDOC’s international volunteer program began in 2011 sponsored by Asus Foundation and TDOC Secretariat.

TDOC We are always there-EN

With over 101 Centers, the self-funded APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) project works to reduce the digital divide in the APEC region. Learn more about the ADOC's work over the last 15 years in this video. To popularize the cooperation model in other Southeast Asian countries, the ADOC Project was transformed into TDOC Project in the beginning of 2015.

2017 International Volunteer

Since 2009, the Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center (TDOC) and ASUS Foundation offer Taiwan’s college students summer volunteer opportunities abroad. In 2017, volunteers were assigned to the following 9 countries- the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, and Tanzania, to reduce the digital divide through hardware donations and ICT related training implementation.

Training Materials

The Training Materials have covered several fields – Internet and e-commerce, Advanced Office Application, Personal Computer Repair, Free Google Applications Utilization, and Website Management for Small Business, Social Media Marketing (Facebook)

2017 Taiwan and Myanmar ICT Conference
2017-12-14 Workshop
Smart ICT for Myanmar's Growth Challenge...

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